Continuing Education

What does university continuing education mean?

University continuing education includes vocational and general continuing education at universities outside the regular studies.

Who offers university continuing education?

University continuing education is offered at all Austrian public universities and at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Klagenfurt.

What is offered?

University continuing education is offered as in-service study courses, postgraduate studies (Master of Advanced Studies), training programs, specific workshops and seminars. The offers feature broad thematic variety and practical value.

Who are the target groups?

University continuing education targets graduates of the universities and other persons with academic and/or adequate qualifications.

Mission Statement "University Continuing Education"

The mission statement emphasises the special importance of university continuing education as a link between actual scientific research and practical experiences outside the universities.

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Fields of Operation in the Universities

  • Supporting conceptual designs of training-programs
  • Coordinating and/or holding of trainings and courses
  • Guidance in Continuing Education
  • Assisting the evaluation of universities continuing education offers
  • Public relations

AUCEN Activities