Communication and Dialogue

  • AUCEN is a platform where responsible persons for continuing education and staff development at Austrian universities can exchange their experiences.
  • Available competencies and experiences are bunched together. Both subject areas shall be advanced and professionalised jointly and in a division of labour.
  • The dialogue between the AUCEN-network and other national and international bodies, institutions and networks shall be stimulated.

Development of Quality and Quality Assurance

  • To develop and assure quality standards is a constant challenge.
  • Members of the AUCEN-network work on the advancement and assurance of quality criteria in both subject areas.

Common Forum for University Continuing Education and University Staff Development

  • University continuing education and university staff development address different target groups.
  • The common interest is to exchange experiences and ideas and to strengthen the position of both subject areas by joint strategies.

Contribution to New Developments at the Universities

  • As universities become autonomous at the beginning of 2004, the external universities continuing education and the internal staff development play an important role.
  • The AUCEN-network pursues joint strategies and stimulates the implementation of new concepts.